The Religious Literacy Project is dedicated to enhancing and promoting the public understanding of religion.  It is directed by Diane L. Moore, and enables Harvard Divinity School to continue its nearly four decades of leadership in religious studies and education in the United States. Read more.

Guidelines for Teaching about Religion in K-12 Public Schools

These guidelines for teaching about religion were created by a task force of the American Academy of Religion, the professional association of scholars of religion in North America and abroad. They provide legal guidelines and resources for educators, administrators, school board members, parents, and interested citizens on how to teach about religion in constitutionally sound and educationally innovative ways.

Featured Resource

Christian Science Monitor Jerusalem Correspondent Christa Case Bryant profiled 12 Israelis and Palestinians who are "implementing their vision for the future without waiting for their leaders – or a peace deal."  

Certificate in Religious Studies & Education

The Harvard Extension School, in partnership with the Harvard Divinity School, offers a professional certificate in Religious Studies & Education designed to provide educators with a multidisciplinary foundation for approaching the study of religion in public school classrooms or in other educational settings focused on learning about religion. Read more.

Our Method

Our method recognizes that religions are internally diverse as opposed to uniform; religions evolve and change over time as opposed to being ahistorical and static; and religious influences are embedded in all dimensions of culture as opposed to the assumption that religions function in discrete, isolated, “private” contexts. Read more.

Featured Commentary

Visiting Harvard Divinity School Professor Jocelyn Cesari wrote a compelling article for the Huffington Post about the role of ISIS in contemporary global affairs.  She argues for the importance of taking religion more seriously in strategizing about how to respond to ISIS and related groups.  See here for full article