Religious Literacy and the Professions Initiative


Religions have functioned throughout human history to inspire and justify the full range of human agency from the heinous to the heroic.  Their influences remain potent at the dawn of the 21st century in spite of modern predictions that religious influences would steadily decline in concert with the rise of secular democracies and advances in science.  Understanding these complex religious influences is a critical dimension of understanding modern human affairs across the full spectrum of endeavors in local, national, and global arenas.

The Religious Literacy and the Professions Initiative (RLPI) is dedicated to enhancing religious literacy within the professions through a symposium series featuring collaborations among professionals, scholars of the profession, and religious studies scholars in the following four fields: journalism, global health, government, and business. The methodological framework for the series is based on the cultural studies method of the Religious Literacy Project and outlined here in a paper written by Professor Diane L. Moore, the Director of the Religious Literacy Project and Principle Investigator for the Religious Literacy and the Professions Initiative.  

Upcoming Symposia

    Humanitarian Action

    • January 19–20, 2017
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    • Fall 2017


    • Spring 2018


    Past Symposium


    • December 8–9, 2016
    • Keynote Speaker: Laurie Goodstein, National Religion Correspondent for The New York Times
    • Full videos from this event may be viewed here

    All symposia will be held at Harvard Divinity School. They are free and open to the public. Please see the individual page for each symposium for information on how to register, as space is limited.

    The Religious Literacy and the Professions Initiative is sponsored by the Religious Literacy Project in cooperation with Boston University. This initiative has been made possible by the generous support of Bruce McEver '11.