Orthodox Judaism

Women Praying at Western Wall

Orthodox Worshipers Protest Bat Mitzvah at Western Wall

March 3, 2017

As feminist prayer group Women of the Wall arrived at the Western Wall in Jerusalem Monday for a bat mitzvah ceremony and their monthly prayer service, they found their way blocked by crowds of dissenters.

The Women of the Wall have sparked extreme backlash in Israel for their petitions to change gendered restrictions at the Kotel, or Western Wall. They seek a space at the wall for women and men to pray together—currently, the Western Wall has only sex-segregated spaces. The group has also advocated for women’s right to read Torah at the Kotel.

Israel toughens police tactics against Jewish terrorists

Israel toughens police tactics against Jewish terrorists

August 6, 2015

Two horrific attacks in Israel this week have prompted “a rare outpouring of self-reproach and soul-searching among Israelis across the political spectrum,” in the words of New York Times reporter Isabel Kershner. In focus: the state’s seemingly lax attitude toward violent Jewish extremists, compared to notoriously harsh policies for Palestinian suspects.