Diane  L.  Moore

Diane L. Moore

Founding Director of the Religious Literacy Project and the Certificate in Religious Studies and Education
Senior Fellow at the Center for the Study of World Religions
Faculty Affiliate, Middle East Initiative, Harvard Kennedy School; Lecturer on Religion, Conflict, and Peace
Center for the Study of World Religions
42 Francis Avenue, rm. 212
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Judy Beals

Assistant Director

Judy Beals is the Assistant Director of the Religious Literacy Project. She is responsible for strategic planning, fundraising, program development, external relations and oversight of day-to-day operations of the RLP. ... Read more about Judy Beals

Anna Mudd

Anna Mudd

RLP Program Coordinator

Anna Mudd is responsible for overall program coordination of the RLP and for co-leading the Religious Literacy and Education Initiative’s work with educators.... Read more about Anna Mudd

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Lauren R. Kerby

Education Specialist

Lauren R. Kerby is the RLP’s education specialist and an instructor in the Religious Studies and Education Certificate program at Harvard Extension School. She is responsible for overall design and implementation of the Religious Literacy and Education Initiative, and for programs within the Religious Literacy and the Professions Initiative.... Read more about Lauren R. Kerby

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Reem Atassi

Coordinator, Religion, Conflict, and Peace Initiative

Reem Atassi coordinates the joint initiative with the Kennedy School of Government that addresses the role religions play in contemporary Middle East culture, public policy and international affairs.... Read more about Reem Atassi

Sarabinh Levy-Brightman

Sarabinh Levy-Brightman

Senior Curriculum, Resource, and Training Associate

Sarabinh Levy-Brightman develops curricular resources and programming for professionals and for teachers, with an emerging focus on supporting religious literacy through the study of literature.

Caroline Matas

Caroline Matas

News Editor, Social Media Coordinator
Caroline has served as the RLP's news editor since 2015. She is currently a doctoral student in Religion in the Americas at Princeton University.... Read more about Caroline Matas
Kristofer Rhude

Kristofer Rhude

Religious Literacy and Research Associate

Kristofer Rhude develops religious literacy resources and works with teachers to implement them in public school classrooms. He is the author of the RLP’s...

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Note on this Case Study

Young people at the Peoples Climate March
The People’s Climate March in New York City in 2014, which was supported my many Jewish groups. Photo by Alejandro Alvarez, Wikimedia Commons:

Global anthropogenic—or human caused— climate change has deeply impacted the ways that religions are practiced around the world. At the same time, religions have also played major roles in framing the issue among their believers. Some Jews work tirelessly to change their habits and mitigate human impact on the climate. Others ignore the crisis, or do not believe in Jewish environmentalism. Read this case study with this in mind: the Jews described here show a range of reactions to climate change, but all of them are Jewish.

As always, when thinking about religion and climate change, maintain a focus on how religion is internally diverse, always evolving and changing, and always embedded in specific cultures.

The Religious Literacy Project is directed by Diane L. Moore and all content is constructed under her editorial direction.

Research Assistants

Alizeh Ahmad

MTS '18, Islamic Studies
Harvard Divinity School

Rachael Canaday

MTS '18, Religion, Ethics, and Politics
Harvard Divinity School

Conor Chemidlin

ALM '19, Anthropology and Archaeology
Harvard Extension School

Jofelyn Gaco

BA '18, Religious Studies
Harvard Extension School

Barbara Silva

MTS '19, Religion, Ethics, and Politics
Harvard Divinity School