Israelis and Palestinians: 12 Voices on the Future
Bryant CC. Israelis and Palestinians: 12 Voices on the Future. Christian Science Monitor [Internet]. 2015. Publisher's VersionAbstract

The Mideast conflict is not doomed to stalemate. Right and left, religious and secular, hawkish and peacenik, a wide spectrum of Israelis and Palestinians are implementing their vision for the future without waiting for their leaders – or a peace deal.

The Beauty and Diversity of Muslim Life
Tariq B. The Beauty and Diversity of Muslim Life. TED talk [Internet]. 2014. Publisher's VersionAbstract

Bassam Tariq is a blogger, a filmmaker, and a halal butcher — but one thread unites his work: His joy in the diversity, the humanness of our individual experiences. In this charming talk, he shares clips from his film "These Birds Walk" and images from his tour of 30 mosques in 30 days — and reminds us to consider the beautiful complexity within us all.

Frontline. Muslims. [Internet]. 2014. Publisher's VersionAbstract

Frontline examines Islam's worldwide resurgence through the stories of diverse Muslims struggling to define the role of Islam in their lives and societies.