Case Studies

The Religious Literacy Project has developed a series of case studies that illustrate how religious traditions deal in diverse ways with issues of climate change, gender, minority status in the United States, and violence and peace. These case studies can be used on their own or in conjunction with the Religion Profiles and/or Country Profiles. Each case study uses the method of the Religious Literacy Project and seeks to demonstrate that the religious tradition it discusses is internally diverse, changes over time, and is embedded in culture. Please see Our Approach for additional information on how we study religion.


Buddhist temple


Climate Change

Pollution and Waste in Thailand




Buddhism gender-- monk sitting in field



The Ordination of Nuns in Sri Lanka




Japanese Internment Camp


Minority in America

Buddhism in Japanese-American Internment Camps





Monks in Myanmar


Violence and Peace

Conflict in Myanmar


Pope and Patriarch Climate Change


Climate Change

Christianity and UN Climate Accords




Rainbow flags around Methodist church



Sexuality and the United Methodists




Christian Science Temple in Boston

Minority in America

Christian Scientists in the Courts





students at a residential school in canada


Violence and Peace

Residential Schools of Canada


Ganges River


Climate Change

Pollution and India's Living River




Hinduism and gender



The Third Gender and Hijras




American Hindus


Minority in America

Hindus in American Textbooks




Rama and Sita at a temple in Ayodhya


Violence and Peace

Destruction of the Ayodhya Mosque


Indonesian firefighters in Borneo


Climate Change

Environmental Fatwas of Indonesia




Members of Sisters in Islam



Malaysia's Sisters in Islam (SIS)




Congressman Keith Ellison swearing in


Minority in America

African American Muslims




Egyptian protest in 2013


Violence and Peace

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood


Climate march in NYC


Climate Change

Jews and Fossil Fuel Exploration




Women of the Wall



The Women of the Wall (WOW)




Heschel and King


Minority in America

The Racial Identity of US Jews




Israeli missle defense


Violence and Peace

Jews and Nuclear Weapons


The case studies on this page were created by Kristofer Rhude (MDiv'18) for the Religious Literacy Project under the editorial direction of Dr. Diane L. Moore.