The Arts

The arts are powerful vehicles of cultural expression that both reflect and shape cultural norms and assumptions. As such they provide a rich window into the religious dimensions of culture in explicit and implicit ways. In addition to the development of teaching resources, the RLP provides two opportunities each year to explore the intersection of religion and the arts in more depth:

Religion, the Arts, and Social Change Course

Each spring Professor Moore teaches the Religion, the Arts, and Social Change course through Harvard Extension School as a live web seminar.  The only prerequisite for the course is English language proficiency.  

Performance Collaboration with MusicUnitesUs

Thanks to our collaboration with MusicUnitesUS at Brandeis University, each year the Religious Literacy Project is able to host a lecture/demonstration at HDS featuring world renown musicians from across the globe who are in the area for a week-long residency at Brandeis.  

Music from Korea:

In thThe Spiritual Roots of Traditional Korean Musice spring of 2016, RLP and MusicUnitesUs partnered with the Korea Institute of Harvard University, the Korean Cultural Society ofBoston, and Center Stage Korea to co-sponsor a lecture and performance by visiting artists featuring musicologist Dr. Hilary Finchum-Sung, Seoul National University, and musicians Lee Tae-Baek, Yi Ji-Young, Won Wan-Chul, Lee Suk-Joo, and Lim Hyeun-Bin.  See here for link to the video of the performance.




Music from Azerbaijan:

In the spring of 2015, we joined the Prince Alwaleed Islamic Studies Program and the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies to host the Fargana Qasimova Ensemble from Azerbaijan.  See here for a link to the full performance at HDS and here for a short video on the ensemble's residency at Brandeis.