2018 Religious Literacy Summer Institute for Educators

Diane Moore

July 30–August 3, 2018

The Religious Literacy Project is offering a five-day institute at Harvard for high school and community college educators from July 30–August 3, 2018.

The mission of the Religious Literacy Project is to enhance and promote the public understanding of religion. We train educators and other professionals to recognize the complex religious influences that are critical to understanding modern human affairs. Rather than learning about religion as an isolated set of beliefs and practices, we train teachers in the ability to discern and analyze the fundamental intersections of religion and social/political/cultural life through multiple disciplinary lenses. We believe this work is critical for the larger project of education for engaged and informed democratic citizenship. Learn more about our method.

This five-day institute at Harvard will introduce educators to a powerful set of methods and frameworks that will enable them to teach content related to religion in pedagogically rich and constitutionally sound ways. With a focus on teaching content that is already embedded in teachers’ current curricula, the institute will focus on high school and community college teachers of World, U.S, and European History classes, though teachers from other disciplines may also apply. Participants will learn specific methods and frameworks for how to teach about religion in history and other disciplines, gain access to classroom teaching resources developed by the Religious Literacy Project, and engage in on-site lesson planning in collaboration with peers.

The institute is free of charge. Thanks to a generous gift from the Once Here Foundation, we are able to offer funding for both travel within the U.S. and accommodations for institute participants.


The deadline for applications has passed; applicants will be notified by May 1. Contact amudd@hds.harvard.edu with questions.

Hear what teachers have said about the 2017 summer institute

“I have taken a lot of PD over the years and this workshop hit me at my core, in my heart almost. I was challenged academically, pedagogically, and intellectually AND I felt the importance of this work from a moral stance, something that initially drew me to teaching but perhaps has waned over the last 13 years. I really appreciated that I felt a renewed spark for my craft and profession. Thank you.”

“Thank you for giving me even more reason to be a voice for peace, empathy and compassion in the classroom. I plan to introduce the method almost in its entirety. I think the four tenets or assumptions regarding religion (internally diverse, etc.) are significant and accessible to students. Galtung has given me a new way to think of religion in terms of the themes of power, violence, and peace, which I intend to thread and revisit throughout my course.”