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Symposium on Religious Literacy and Business: Media & Entertainment

September 20th-21st 2018 

The Religious Literacy Project at Harvard Divinity School is pleased to announce its fourth symposium in the Religious Literacy and the Professions series. Building on conversations started earlier in the series, this symposium will focus on the role of religious literacy in business, specifically in the business of media and entertainment. Film, television, and other forms of entertainment media frequently include religious themes and characters, whether implicitly or explicitly. These on-screen representations shape how many Americans understand religion off-screen and how we interact with religious "others." This symposium brings together media professionals and scholars of media, religion, and business to assess the state of religious literacy in the field and the role of entertainment media in shaping the public understanding of religion. Our aim is to foster critical reflection and collaborative relationships between scholars and media professionals in order to improve the religious literacy of the American public and reduce conflict and antagonism by encouraging more complicated, nuanced, and creative representations of religion on screen.

Tentative Schedule:

Thursday, 5-8pm

Opening Remarks

Keynote Address

Welcome Reception

Friday, 9am-5pm

Panel 1:  Making Audiences: How What We Watch Shapes Who We Are

Panel 2: Entertaining Religion: Themes, People, and Plots in Entertainment Media

Panel 3: From Script to Screen: How Content is Made and Why It Matters

Panel 4: Saving Stories: Religious Literacy as Social Responsibility

Closing Remarks

All sessions will take place in Andover Hall at Harvard Divinity School

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