Kerida McDonald

Kerida McDonald headshotDr. Kerida McDonald, national of Jamaica and mother of 5 children, holds a masters and doctorate degree in Education from Harvard University. She has worked with UNICEF for 20 years across a wide range of UNICEF’s programmatic areas including early childhood development; health, nutrition, hygiene and sanitation promotion; social norms such as child marriage and female genital cutting; violence prevention;  peacebuilding and adolescent engagement. Dr. McDonald is currently Senior Advisor of the Communication for Development Section in UNICEF Headquarters, responsible for planning, policies, research and monitoring related to global programming on social and behaviour change. She is currently coordinating UNICEF’s first multi-country programme on engagement of Faith-Based Organizations for social and behaviour change. Her previous positions in UNICEF have been Head of the Early Childhood Programme in Jamaica for 6 years, Chief of the Young Child Survival and Development Programme in Tanzania for 3 years and Chief of Communication for Development in Ethiopia for 7 years. Before joining UNICEF,  Dr. McDonald’s work included producing and hosting a national children's TV programme in Jamaica and freelancing as an international consultant with several development agencies including World Bank, USAID, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Caribbean Child Development Centre and the University of the West Indies. In her life outside of work, she is a singer and songwriter and has produced 3 albums including an all-original reggae album for children.