To Save the Girls, the World Must Help Nigeria

May 16, 2014
To Save the Girls, the World Must Help Nigeria

Harvard Divinity School Professor Jacob Olupona comments in The Huffington Post on the recent kidnapping of 260 girls from a school in northern Nigeria, calling on the international community to step in to aid what he calls the "corrupt and indifferent" Nigerian government. He also points out the government's complacency in creating the Boko Haram problem, pointing out that the radical militant organization emerged from a context of deeply inadequate and unjust service delivery in Nigeria, and that the violence committed by state security forces only reinforces Boko Haram's legitimacy among its members.

He notes that military solution isn't going to fix the Boko Haram problem:

The solution lies not just in targeting Boko Haram, but in strengthening social institutions, embarking on literacy programs that will liberate minds from forms of religious fanaticism, reaffirming the secular nature of the state, providing strong leadership and competency, and educating citizens on their rights, obligations, and duties. Nigeria must embark on a new nation-building project that will enable it to correct the mistakes of the past and set itself on the path to progress.

For more in-depth information about Nigeria, check out the Nigeria Country Profile, also written by Prof. Jacob Olupona.