Religious Literacy and the Professions Initiative

The Religious Literacy and the Professions Initiative collaborates with professionals working in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to advance a deeper understanding of the complex influences of religions in modern human affairs. We offer resources, training and support to professionals working at local, national, and global level. Our current programs focus on partnering with professionals in journalism, government, humanitarian action, media and entertainment.

Past Symposia

Religious Literacy and Business: Media & Entertainment

  • September 20-21, 2018
  • Keynote address by filmmaker and philanthropist Abigail E. Disney
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  • Featured panels:
    • Making Audiences: How What We Watch Shapes Who We Are
    • Entertaining Religion: Themes, People, and Plots in Entertainment Media
    • From Script to Screen: How Content is Made and Why It Matters
    • Saving Stories: Religious Literacy as Social Responsibility

Religious Literacy and Government: Refugees and Immigration

Religious Literacy and Humanitarian Action

Religious Literacy and Journalism

  • December 8–9, 2016
  • Keynote Speaker: Laurie Goodstein, National Religion Correspondent for The New York Times
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All symposia will be held at Harvard Divinity School. They are free and open to the public. Please see the individual page for each symposium for information on how to register, as space is limited.

The Religious Literacy and the Professions Initiative is sponsored by the Religious Literacy Project in cooperation with Boston University. This initiative has been made possible by the generous support of Bruce McEver '11.